Mongolian Grill

Creat your own stir-fry

Mongolian Grill $12.09

Step 1: Choose your sauce
Mongo: An Asian style BBQ sauce gives a smoky flavor to any dish with a combination of soy sauce, onions and garlic.
Kung Pao: A classic spicy sauce in Chinese cuisine with a combination of cooking wine, soy sauce, chili paste, ginger and salt.
Sweet Teriyaki: This is a new twist on an old favorite of sweet and sour with a mild blend of assorted peppers, sugar and a twist of lemon.
Step 2: Choose your spicy level
Step 3: Choose 5 Vegetables
Mushroom / Baby Corn / Bamboo Shoot / Water Chestnut / Broccoli / Jalapeno / Onion / Cabbages / Carrots / Bean Sprout / Green Pepper / Green Onion
Step 4: Choose 3 kinds of Meat
Beef / Chicken / Crab Meat / Shrimp
Step 5: Choose one kind of noodles
Soft Noodles of Rice Noodle